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Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions Section..Here you can find answers to common questions you may have..

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Who you are?…

We are Most preffered, competitive, customized and User friendly Tourist driver service and Tour group in Sri Lanka.

What Services do you offer?…

  • We offer Luxury and  affordable Tourist Driver service for Round tours around and Transfers in Sri Lanka.
  • We offer tour packages according your requirements to suit your budget which is totally CUSTOMIZED so than you can plan your journey your time and budget available.
Are your Drivers speak English?..
  • Yes. All of our drivers are well conversant and fluent in English.
Do you only offer Tourist transportation ( with a Driver and vehicle) service?…
  • No..We also offer Tour packages customized according to preference time and budget available. YOU DECIDE WHAT YOUR WANT AND LET US KNOW. Its that simple.
Why we should choose you?..
  • Good question…Our Tour packages and Transport Driver Services are totally customized as per your needs..SO YOU HAVE TOTAL CONTROLL IN SELECTING WHAT YOU WANT…but if you choose a regular big tour company you will have to work with their schedule…SO YOU ARE LIMITED ON WHAT YOU WANT.
  • All our drivers are very friendly, polite, experienced and very Fluent in speaking in English.
  • All our Vehicles are Luxury and comfortable as the big companies offer.
  • Best of all OUR CHARGE IS ONLY A FRACTION OF THE COST WHICH YOU WOULD PAY WITH A big tour company ( Saving you Thousands Dollars).
Can your drivers guide us through our journey?..
  • Yes, Although our drivers will work as a guide for you in general they are not fully Authorized to guide you when you are inside special tourist areas such as Example : UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Wild Life safaries and bird watching. In that case, if you need a guide we can arrange you a fully authorized guide who will guide you inside the specific site.
What sort of tour packages you offer?..
  • We offer all sorts of tour packages which is Totally customized upon your needs and depend on your requirements.
  • We have pre-tailor made tour packages as well. Please Contact us for further infomation.

You can reach us on anytime day or night 24/7 on our numbers provided on our Contact us page or Email us your requirement..We will be get back to you within 24 hours.


What sort of vehicles you have?..
  • We can provide you with Air-conditioned Luxury Cars and Vans…
Please give variations in passenger number for each Car and Van?..
  • Our Luxury Cars can occupy Maximum 02 passengers with their Luggage.
  • Luxury Vans can Occupy Maximum 4 passenger with their Luggage.
Do you arrange Large group tours?..
  • Yes, Of Course We do, but you should plan your journey well in advance and let us know what you want.
Can I hire Driver with the Vehicle from you?..
  • Yes, You can. That is why we are here for you.
Can you please explain the fees tariff If I hire your driver with the Vehicle?..
  • You can refer to Our Price Page on our website to see our tariffs. Our charges are very easy and simple. We Charge Only $60 or €55 per day for up to 150km. This includes all your driver salary, vehicle, vehicle fuel, driver meals and accommodation.
What happens if we exceed maximum 150km/Day?..Do we have pay another $60 for it in the same day?..
  • Please Don’t worry…You don’t have to pay another $60 for additional distance if you exceed 150km/Day…All you have to pay is Rs.50/Km ( Sri Lankan Rupees 50) for every additional km you travel…isn’t that simple, straight forward?.. No hidden charges. The Best Travel option you can ever have.
Can you help us to plan our trip to Sri Lanka?..
  • Dear Guest/Visitor, We are more than happy to help you with planing your visit to Sri Lanka. Please drop us an Email, leave us a message so we will be in touch with you within 24 hours  Or Give us a call on Whattsapp, Viber or Direct International Dialing number provided on the Contact Us page . We are available 24/7 all 365 day for your service.




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